Machine learning meets drug development

InVivo AI is using artificial intelligence to streamline the development of new medications

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Our mission is to help bring therapies to patients faster and for less money than currently possible by enabling highly accurate toxicity screening in the earliest phases of drug development.

The Problem

Almost 40% of all drug development efforts today fail for toxicity reasons alone. Despite this, it remains extremely difficult to identify compounds with unfavorable toxicity profiles before conducting clinical trials.

InVivo AI is addressing this issue head on, with the aim of ensuring that toxic molecules never leave preclinical studies. By using artificial intelligence to drive the design of therapeutics with less toxicity, we hope to help de-risk pharmaceutical R&D and reduce attrition rates across the entire drug development pipeline.

Our Technology

By aggregating data across a combination of public, private, and academic databases, our machine learning team has access to hundreds of thousands of data points for drugs, drug targets, and preclinical and clinical stage outcomes.

We have several modules in development, each aimed at addressing different types of toxicities. All modules are built upon the same underlying architecture incorporating deep-learned structural, target, and pathway-based features to allow us to accurately distinguish between toxic and non-toxic small molecule drugs.

Our platform will de-risk drug development and save time and money in bringing new therapies to patients

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We are located in downtown Montreal, one of the fastest growing technology hubs in North America. Working out of the centre of Montreal’s vibrant university and life-sciences ecosystems, we benefit from close relationships with some of the world’s leading players in artificial intelligence and biotech.

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