About Us

We’re using advanced analytics and massive amounts of biological data to streamline early-stage pharmaceutical R&D

Our machine learning team has extensively mined both private and public datasets to develop a predictive framework for predicting toxicity in small molecule compounds. We hope to become an integral part of small molecule R&D, in turn speeding the delivery of new medications to patients.

Our team

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Co-founder - CEO

Therence Bois

Therence Bois

Co-founder - COO

Prudencio Tossou

Prudencio Tossou

Co-founder - CTO

xVivo AI Scholars Program

Are you an ambitious and entrepreneurial student who wants to gain practical experience in an innovative environment?

We’re thrilled to announce the xVivo AI Scholars Program! A tailor-made entrepreneurial experience, our aim is to provide access to projects customized to your specific interests and skill-set, while ensuring that you won’t have to give up any of your existing academic commitments.

Gain access to

Competitive Scholarship

Industry Experience

World Class Academics

The program

Students are often underestimated, yet at the same time they’re some of the most innovative, motivated, and impactful people around. At InVivo AI, we believe that school is an entrepreneurial sweetspot, one in which students can experiment, tinker, and explore before going all-in on a single idea. We founded InVivo AI while we were still full-time grad students, trying to launch a company while at the same time balancing heavy lab commitments, so we were able to live this experience firsthand.

Now we want to double-down on student entrepreneurship with the xVivo AI Scholars Program. The goal of the program is to provide a tailor-made entrepreneurial experience to students who want to work on something big, without having to give up their academic commitments. Projects will be customized according to the interests and skill-set of the applicant. Fellowships are limited and will be awarded on a rolling basis, but if you want to use technology to help solve some of the biggest challenges faced by today’s pharmaceutical industry, we want to hear from you!

Am I eligible to apply? Ideal applicants will:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student (undergrad, master’s, or PhD) or employed as a postdoc at an accredited university institution.
  • Be able to consistently commit a fixed amount of weekly hours to working on a part-time basis.
  • Have a strong understanding of machine learning, computer science, and statistics, acquired either through academic study, internships, or independent/personal projects.
  • Have a basic understanding of and interest in molecular biology, pharmacology, and the drug discovery process (and if not, a strong willingness to learn).
  • Be extremely independent and self-motivated, and be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty in day-to-day tasks.
  • Be able to demonstrate some prior interest in entrepreneurship and/or startups (ideally).
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