Low data drug discovery from hit to lead

InVivo AI is building the next generation of computational drug discovery

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InVivo AI is developing novel deep learning algorithms for de novo drug design specifically adapted for use in low data environments.

What we do

We're developing algorithms capable of extracting predictive features from datasets as small as 10 molecules, allowing us to significantly expand the applicability of deep learning in drug discovery by minimizing the constraints of data collection.

How we do it

Using novel algorithms for few-shot learning, we leverage thousands of heterogeneous datasets to build more accurate predictive models across a multitude of biological properties.

Our mission is to remove access to data as the principal roadblock when deploying machine learning in pharmaceutical R&D

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Techstars AI
Big Data Research Center

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We're located in downtown Montreal, one of North America's most livable cities. Working in close partnership with Montreal’s vibrant university and life-sciences ecosystems, we benefit from privileged relationships with some of the world’s leading players in artificial intelligence and pharmaceutical science.